All assignment briefs will be located here as well as in our class Dropbox share.

Project 1: Found Typography Poster (part 1 & 2)
Remember, the PDF is clickable and there are references there for you to review & study.

Workout 1: Resume 1
Given to you as hard copy. Also here: W1_Resume1
Resume examples are in the class Dropbox, please be sure to review.

Workout 1: Resume 2

Workout 2: Typehunt

Workout 3: Expression

Workout 4: Kerning (due Tuesday Sept. 29)

Project 3: Business Card Design
 (due Thursday Oct. 1)
Enroll in this class (free) with Ellen Lupton. Complete the course. Bring 3-5 examples of a business card (for yourself) to class. Make lots of experiments. Bring them all to class: printed, trimmed, with perfect craft (give yourself more time than you think you need to produce it, print well in advance of our class meeting) use glue tape to attach them front to back or simply have each side (front and back) trimmed to size for review. Print them out, trim them, and revise based on what they look like IRL before bringing finals to class. Don’t bring work to class that you do not think is good work…

Identity Suite

Final project: Journal