Case studies: Identity & reiteration of what is due Thursday

Please review these precedent examples to study how various systems were employed in the making of these identities:

For Tuesday: have a full set of materials for critique + feedback

Per the brief, all of these final materials are due Thursday, one SET of materials for you, and I will be collecting (and keeping) one set.
1. resume (two copies, printed out on final stock)
2. letterhead with cover letter for job you wish to apply to (two copies, printed out on final stock)
3. business card (two copies on final stock)
4. card — thank you card, postcard, or other card, size is open. two copies of this on final stock.
5. one required swag: shirt or tote, either one, and this can either be a real object, or a Photoshop mock up printed out on 8.5×11″
6. other swag / mock ups of your choice


Prague School of Design
Museum of Art and Design
Walker Art Center

Draplin video:
istory of GD Flickr: