Thursday Oct. 29

Choose 5 things you would like to collect. Bring in 3 examples of each and be prepared to share with the class why you are drawn to these things and why you want to collect them. What about them do you find compelling? Why do you like this thing? When were you first interested in this thing?
Ira Glass video from Stephen:

Field Work
Prepare your presentation using ReadyMag.
Spend time getting to know the program before you start building your presentation.
In addition to your assigned designer, choose a person, group, or studio from You are making one presentation, total 5 minutes long. 
The focus is field work, therefore, aim for first-person interviews, text and image from which to draw. The class should have a clear understanding of who your two subjects are and their work from your presentation (answering who, what where, when and why). Time yourself so you do not go longer than 5 minutes!

Identity / Self-portrait 
Use the content compiled in class from your interview and the visuals from the back of your sheet as well as anything in your sketchbook. From here, make a list of words, associations, and mind maps.

Part A: Object Self-portrait
From this research (directly or indirectly) create a self-portrait with 5 objects.
You may use found objects, and the less precious they are, the better. Lean on metaphor/symbolic meaning more than direct representation (i.e. teddy bear because you prioritize comfort vs. teddy bear because it was your favorite childhood toy). Be prepared to present these portraits to the class.

Part B: Mark
In your sketchbook, make 20 rapid drawings / thumbnail sketches of a mark that could represent you (personal symbol / logo). Be loose and work quickly. You could try breaking this work up into two chunks of time (allowing time for reflection). ie., as soon as you get stuck, leave it and come back another time. Start with image and start with word.

Alternative Business Cards
Make 10 (at least! 20 is totally fine, too…) sketches for what your alternative business card could be. (due Thursday, Nov. 5th). Trimmed, cut to size. Use crop marks! Use bleeds if you have things that bleed.

A note on feeds.
You are what you eat.
To an extent, you can control what influences you.
What you read, watch, do, who you choose to spend your time with.

A variety of feeds that you may be interested in, start here and find people, groups, institutions you admire, are interested in, aspire to emulate, or are inspired by.
Herb Lubalin Study Center
The Cooper Hewitt
Commercial Type
Draw Down Books
AIGA Design
Hey Studio
Base Design
Jenny Holzer on Twitter (I think this is just her work, not her)
Anthony Burrill
John Maeda on Twitter
Daniel Eatock on Instagram
NYT minus context
NYT Magazine
The Atlantic
Print Magazine
Wired Magazine
History in Pictures
The New Museum (NYC)
(Also: Share with the class any great finds!)

Bonus item: I will appreciate an update on your Halloween costumes, should you choose to share, next class…


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