Oct. 15 + Oct. 20

Thursday Oct. 15
All the cards for your game in draft form — revised / refined rules of play
Optional: add a layer of meaning to your game (historical, typographical)
Bring your visual research to class (!)
Bring your sketchbook with your notes + research

Tuesday Oct. 20
“A working but very close to final draft of your cards”
Crit 1

Proposals for boxes / container for your game, fleshed out instructions to accompany your cards (i.e. on a card? on a folded booklet, on the box, etc.)”

What does this mean? You should have:
1. All of your cards designed, printed out, and mocked up—back to front (we need to critique design, which means we need to be able to see in real life and at a real scale, the following: typefaces, size of type in relationship to page, colors that you chose, size of cards, cutting techniques etc.)

If you are planning on a special paper or printing process (i.e. cards printed on color laser and then mounted to chipboard), have at least 3 cards that are executed with final materials so we can give feedback on materials & craft as well.

2. Your instructions should be designed, printed out at actual size and in actual materials for feedback.

Your instructions will likely answer the following questions:
What is the name of your game?
What other information might you provide? Background? Tips?
How do we play your game?