September 8, 2015

—Quiz next Thursday on “Letter” chapter from Ellen Lupton

—#uconntype Instagram scavenger hunt:
1. ornament 1-3
2. old style figures 1-3
3. small caps 1-3
4. five type crimes (see page 58)
Use hashtag #uconntype (if you don’t have Instagram, make a folder in your Dropbox called “type_scavengerhunt_firstname” (your first name, obvi.)
Type scavenger hunt due next Thursday

—Resume #1, workshop for content & feedback on high-level design (impressions)
—Resume #2 assigned, due next Thursday
—Notes: Highlight transferable skills, use only one size type, uni-grid demo, refer to modular grid exercise on page 202 in Thinking With Type

—Found Typography Poster crit
—In-class: revise and output poster files for printing at Staples

For next week: have Alphabet x 100 and your Grid Typeface from Process on hand



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